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. i immediately figured out what it was. >> these fish are a big nuisance because they have no natural predators and could hurt the population of the native fish. this is south of the south river which pours into the bai. dnr officials are so concerned about the snake head spreading that they have put a bounty on the fish. from now until the end of the year if you catch one and report it to the dnr, you could win a prize or two. >>> weather wise it's been interesting. we've had showers and storms, one moving into emmetsberg weakening right where it meets up with carroll county and hagerstown, a more significant storm. you're traveling well west. you may run into that one. other than that showerings -- showers and probably rain in that direction also in southern anne arundel towards deal, south of shadyside. one renegade storm. the story has been heat, humidity north of 100 in frederic, d.c., still scattered storms. we'll talk about the excessive heat. that's coming up. >>> let's take a look at tonight's top stories. a baltimore city police officer faces federal drug charges tonight. of
, that dress for a bride's big day is a big expense. we're showing you how to save big at the bridal shop. >>> first up, phillip's seafood is in. they're moving to the other side. here's more. >> reporter: all right, well, we buried rice phillips two weeks on the shore. he took $2000 bill the empire. tonight, his son joined together to make the announcement. cordish was told that whoever moves into the spot better be perfect. he said they would both be proud. i met on several different occasions with the major and rice. i know that the governor was there, too. neither of the gentlemen are with us today. as i indicated, they would be very, very, very happy to see the union of the phillip's family. that's the four generations and the cordish family that's four generations here. >> that's one of the first tenants in the inner harbor. they'll take over the first floor and have the indoor/out door seating and the raw bar. it's amazing, when they first developed, many were at a loss. who would have thought that one day, it would be their turn to move in. it will open sometime this fall. >>> a w
shows up at 6:00 to drop off some tables for a big bash coming up on saturday. >> to leave a cat by the shelter when you can see that we don't open until the next morning would be a death sentence for the cat. the cat would have sat there all night, we would have had bad news when we came in this morning. this poor cat would have been dead. >> the cat's name is cheese puffs. cheesy was very scared but has been a lap cat for most of the day today. he is going to get shots and be up for adoption next week. small miracles will be celebrating its fifth anniversary on saturday with a huge adoption event. that's why they needed the tables, proving cat miracles happen. abc2 news. >>> thanks a lot, jamie. this heat is just as dangerous for us as it is for our pets. abc2 is working for you with ways to keep your four legged friends cool. take along plenty of fresh water when you go for a walk. make sure to take frequent breaks in the shade and avoid hot ground. put sunscreen on your dog's nose, and pay close attention to make sure your pet does not get over heated. >>> tonight we are wor
for years just died. john mackey was 69 years old. >>> all right jamie, let's get into it. you can see big thundershower here in central hartford county. if you are bell air or also in cassel county, get ready. this is not a severe storm, but it will pack gusty conditions, some downpours and of course dangerous lightning. the main concern, and a storm flairing up. we'll keep an eye on that. other than that, you can see the clouds and storms firing up. boy this has been the other story. heat index values around triple digits, 99 in easten right now. this evening we fall slowly through the 80s, talk about the increased chance for showers and storms coming tomorrow straight ahead. >> think it's hot here, go down to d.c. after weeks of tense negotiations on capitol hill, congressional leaders from both parties met with the president to try and hammer out a deal to increase the nation's credit limit before the august 2 deadline. now with both sides drawing firm lines on what they are willing to cut, can any agreement actually pass congress? abc's karen travers with more. >> the debate over ho
. >> the the president said he's committed to a big deal. $4 trillion over ten years. i'm committed to it. we need some bipartisanship here. >> house speaker john boehner wants the president to lay out some specific cuts to entitlement programs. but in weeks of debate, the sticking points haven't changed. republicans oppose new taxes and democrats oppose cuts in entitlement programs. senate leaders have come up with a plan b to give the president the authority to raise the debt ceiling on his own. >>> if you're an mba graduate looking for a job, google might be the place for you. there's a list of 100 top employers. consulting firm mackenzie came in at number 2. financial institutions dropped. apple was number 3. facebook was number 7. last year's top priority was having a work/life balance. >>> let's take a look at the top stories tonight. a gas station attendant shot over the weekend is out of the hospital. a masked gunman walked into the station on saturday and opened fire. he got away with some cash. investigators think the same person tried to rob another store earlier in the evening. they are loo
pounds. >> i just -- big old chest wounds. i was trying to hold my ribs because i could see blood coming out when i was breeghtding -- breathing. i could see it sputtering. >> reporter: they set up cam for the injured and called for help. >> they got a garbage bag and put last tech over this so this would create an hair tight seal. >> reporter: several hours later help arrived in the form of a helicopter. the three teens made this, their bodies bearing the scars of their terrifying encounter. >> i'm extremely lucky. >> the teens continue to recover tonight. jamie costello. >>> a 15-year-old baltimore girl charged with shooting men last year after they laughed at her pleaded guilty today. are a tee sha -- artesha holt shot two men after the two laughed at her. one man died a week later. holt pleaded guilty to second-degree-murder, assault and hand gunn charges. >>> let's take a look at tonight's top stories. three people shot, a northeast baltimore home set on fire. it happened in the 4300 block of nicholas avenue. both the daughter and boyfriend have criminal records but they're not sure
can control the thing. >> reporter: another big time merit is the entertaining aspect of the toy. >> this is a connective communicative device. >> reporter: 98% of homes in korea have broadband access. >>> just think, they used to have real babysitters. will >>> coming up, it's a tradition 65 years in the making, how early this tradition starts and why it's a big deal. >>> also, why team usa is making the news. >>> coming up, the french leader accused of attacking -- >>> also, a woman found dead at a public pool and people swam above her, how did this happen, that's tonight. @รบ?n >>> a stranger saw a story on the local news and held a garage sell to buy this man a new friend. >> i'm blind in the left eye and my right eye is 50% because of diabetes. i have a small dog downstairs and she's right by my side 24/7. when i seen that air on the news, i couldn't sleep. >> the boy connected with oliver. the mom says he shows affection by kissing his fore head. we'll get another check of the weekend forecast on abc2 news at 6:00 which starts right now. >>> whatever you do, keep the f off
. >> with the support and help you got from the town, you couldn't do that with big companies. everyone works hard at it. it's a good feeling. >>> well, the market will be open from 10:00 to 8:00 seven- days a week through the annapolis boat show. after that, the hours may change. >>> well, people are upset about the supersize sewage pumps station. they're serious about the situation. the neighbors around the updated station on win song court near pikesville hired an attorney. they're asking them to pull the whole thing out and for them to put it somewhere else. if it doesn't happen, they've sent a list of demands about what should be done. the county public works med with the police and layed out a design plan. the county says they have another one they're working on with neighbors. >>> well, we're less than two months away from the checker flags on the grand prix. the festival will bring some of the world's best drivers to the streets of baltimore. they're also closing down a bunch of streets. they're working on an alternate route as well. >>> first and formost, downtown, open for business, before, du
station pandora recently hit a big milestone. the site has reached 100 million listeners. according to pandora's blog 36 million of those consumers are monthly active users. radio station plans to celebrate by launching a flash free redesigned site. it's expected to be available for those 100 million users within the next few weeks. >>> you think new york city is expensive. if you're looking for the world's most expensive city, you need to turn to the continent. global consulting firm mercer says la was today in the african nation of angola is the priciest city in the world. on average you'll pay 28 u. s. dollars for a new cd. or 20 bucks for a club sandwich and a soda. if you're looking you're looking to rent you'll pay $7,000 a month for a two bedroom apartment. coming in at number 2 is tokyo followed by another african city. new york remains the costliest american city but it's ranked 32nd worldwide. >> that is a surprise. >>> well, casey anthony is set to get out of jail this weekend. but her legal battles aren't over yet. why a texas company wants her to pay up more than $10
baltimore to see the big fireworks show. will the show go on without any threat of a thunderstorm. here is wit with a look at the forecast. >> i can't say without any stretch but just a slight chance of a passing storm. we have hazy sunshine. look at the people packing things down here. it is warm. upper 80s right now. you can see down through millersville. almost 95 now in easton. we'll show you maryland's most powerful radar. there are no storms surrounding baltimore. further west there are storms in western maryland, cumberland towards frostburg and friendsville area. this is the area where we are seeing storms right now. optimistic that whatever storms continue to move west will dive south into virginia and miss most of our fireworks. the rest of this evening will go 80s. scattered storms to the west. warm and muggy. we'll talk about your back to work forecast coming up. >>> let's talk money right now. in your money tonight working at the white house comes with some pretty good perks. you get to know the president. you might get a chance to ride on air force one and you have great h
lightning. next you now, lightning come down the yard. it split that tree right there. i mean, that's a big tree. >> no one was injured, but power is out. bge crews are working there. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. >>> here's a look at tonight's top stories. weeks after a deadly hit-and- run, abc2 news obtained the dispatch tapes. the tapes showed the initial confusion at the scene. the car pulled over belongs to a woman from severn. >>> the space shuttle is heading to the international space station. it's the start of the last space shuttle mission after 30 year and 135 missions, the shuttles are being grounded. >>> news from around the nations starts in michigan. the police say that one of the people that a man killed in a shooting spree was his 12-year- old daughter. he killed her and her mother. he went to another home and killed another former girlfriend and her mother. he killed seven people before taking hostages in a stranger's home. he then killed himself. >>> a prison break was caught on tape. two prisoners staged a fight and the original pair barged through the door and escaped.
the best deal you can tomorrow. >>> facebook made a big announcement. on the heels of the google's social network. facebook is rolling out video calls. they're also launching a group chat feature. users can create group chats. facebook now has 750 million users and they share 4 billion things suchs a photos and links on the status update each day. >>> this is the neatest thing i've seen. vending machines aren't just for drinks and snacks. facebook is filling them with computer accessories. here's one of the computer vending machines. >> this is frictionless it. an employer needs something and they take the badge and they badge in. they have everything that they need. they have power supplies and key boards. >> facebook says they're cost effective by keeping better track of the supplies. the employees swipe badges and get what they need. the company hopes to eliminate supply cabinets by the end of the year. >>> the bw parkway is open tonight. it was shutdown for four hours. we have a bizarre attack near 195. a man armed with a shotgun beat at a mobile speed camera. the operator was inside.
. they have won big here. city hall has hauled in cash from 1600 tickets in four years here many from failing to feed the meter while you sneak in for a cup of coffee. at 32 bucks a ticket that is one pricy cup of joe. you will still be a gambling woman? >> maybe. >> right now there is only one problem. these guys use open data to plot the parking tickets. we called and e-mailed the mayor's office of information technology but have not received a response on why the information isn't current. joce sterman, abc 2 news. >>> meet george jettison or at least his car. the flyer car has been cleared for takeoff and it may not be long until you see one of these in the rear view mirror. it is called the transition. makers say it is a roadable aircraft designed to shift from the road to air and back again. who will be allowed to drive this? anybody with a valid driver's license. if you want to fly the car you will need at least a sports pilot license. you can land right in front of your house. the flying car will set you back about $250,000. you can reserve one if you are willing to put down a $10,000
remember a big bust from 2010. >> there was da and bomb squad up here. we tried to find out what it was. >> reporter: in the end, it was nothing. they investigated a lab in the home, and they found no drugs. still, there's this place on the list. >> no one is charged with anything. >> conflicting information making it easy. >> do you think that the people who live there now know about it? >> i don't think so. i haven't brought it up. i don't see a reason to. >> reporter: silent neighbors make these wish that these walls could talk. >> reporter: people use everything to make meth. the cleanup process can be express i-. -- expressive. anyone convicted in a meth bust is supposed to clean upthe bill. we have a guide to let you know if your home could be involved. if you hover over this red spot on, here are signs that show your house could be a meth lab. you can look at a few other things there. your home may have been a meth lab. these are 11 signs to show that your home may have been a meth lab. let's go to wyatt. >>> all right, joce sterman, we're talking heat. that's the th
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14